PHP Tutorial – PHP Introduction

In this PHP tutorial, we discuss some interesting features and usage of PHP language and installation.PHP is most widely used due to their simplicity. Many of the famous websites are on PHP like facebook and much more.

What is PHP:

  • PHP full name is Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP is server-side scripting language like Microsoft Asp.Net.
  • PHP script can only run on server side.Which can be your local server or web server(Hosting server).
  • PHP is best for web development.
  • PHP is most widely used language

PHP Installation:

  • PHP is open source, so anyone can use it.
  • PHP is free to download and use.
  • In order to run Php script you just need a server with Mysql support. like wamp server and easy PHP because they are simple to use.
  • Place Your Php file inside the server.
  • Php file has a extenstion with .php like ( index.php ).

PHP Features:

  • Php is used for creating a dynamic website.
  • Php file can be hosted on a Linux server, Dot.Net server, and  Java server.
  • Php is easy to learn.
  • Php perform CRUD operation with a database using Mysql queries.

PHP Syntax:

 // Your php code goes here.....

Php syntax inside a HTML page. we can define PHP code inside a HTML page anywhere.

For example.:

        <title>PHP Example</title>

        <?php  // PHP syntax start point

            echo "Hello Friend's, This is a PHP Script That we are talking about";

        ?>  // PHP syntax end point



Php is a simple language for a fresher to learn and create interactive web pages. Php has a vast scope for web development.We cover all useful information using our PHP tutorial.

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